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Textile Machines Products


Program Overview

We have machines for the following product.

 Show associated JBF Overview machine

Product Overview

Barrel-shaped balls (eggs)

Ribbon ball with adjustable length.
The end is fixed by a label.

 Show associated BW 8 machine

BW8 barrel-shaped balls


Plastic or woven fabric ribbon.
-automatic cutting device to produce "flowers"
-with length cutting device
-with two supply ribbons
-with long hanging label
-without adhesive label
-with bar code label

 Show associated FW 2 Bow winding machine machine

variety of different bows

Center-pull balls, tubeless, twine / string or cord

Tubeless, center-pull balls made of twines, strings or cord.

 Show associated HK 6, HK 9, HK 12 machine

hard ball (HK)

Cross-wound spools, various shapes and weights

 Show associated MHW Precision cross winding machine machine

Show assosiated MHW Precision cross winding machine

Flax ball

Flax used as gasket material.

 Show associated KW 765 machine

Flax ball (KW 765)

Hanks (Cord / Rope)

Cords / Ropes within a diameter from 2.0 to 14.0 mm.

 Show associated DO 1 or DO 2 Fully Automatic Hank Winding Machine machine

Hanks (DO)

Huge coarse yarn spools

Spool diameter up to 800 mm, spool length up to 1000 mm and a maximum weight of 300 kg (other dimensions on request). Knotless spools of more than 25.000m (depending on the yarn diameter) can be produced.

 Show associated CSW 800, CSW 1000 Precision Winding Machine machine

Precision Winding Spool CSW

Ribbon hank

Small hanks fixed with a label. Material is plastic or textile ribbon.

 Show associated TSA 1 / TSA 2 machine

Hanks (TSA)

Rope or ribbon on spools, parallel or crosswinded

 Show associated BS 1-PW Precision winding machine machine

Rope or ribbon on spools, parallel or crosswinded

Textil- or plastic ribbon spools

Ribbon winded on a tube or spool.
Optional with foil around

 Show associated TRA 1 (V) Textile ribbon rolling machine machine

Textil- or plastic ribbon spools (TRA)

Yarn ball with or without tubes

-hand knitting yarn with or without tubes
-with or without circumference winding
-with or without labels

 Show associated KW 765 machine

KW765 Yarn balls

Yarn, rope or (rubber) band put on cards

Cards with user-defined appearance.
Traversig of the material continously or step by step.

 Show associated TBW 1 machine

Yarn, rope or band put on cards (TBW)