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Textile Machines


JBF Overview

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-Program Overview
-Development of JBF Maschinen GmbH

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Automatic Trimming (cutting into length) Machine for rope and belt.

 Download data sheet ALA 1 + options
 Product video ALA 1
Automatic Trimming ALA 1


Automatic Ball Banding Machine

- no hot melt needed
- max. label size 130 mm width and 480 mm long (unfolded)
- stand alone solution with manual feeding possible

 Download data sheet for BA / BAG

BS 1-PW Precision winding machine

Fully automatic cross-winding machine for precision winding ropes and rolling texile and plastic ribbon on cardboard or plastic cores with or without side flanges.
Optional foil banding is available.

 Download data sheet BS-1-PW (Precision winder) + options
 Product video BS 1-PW
BS 1-PW Precision winding maschine

BW 8

Automatic winding machine for small ribbon BW 8.
Fully automatic machine with eight spindles to wind ribbon 5 to 10 mm wide to barrel-shaped balls.

- 16 balls per minute (length 20m)
- Winding length continously adjustable through electronic controls
- winding speed up to 500 rmp
- material supply: cylindrical spools up to max. 300mm dia, 450mm long
- optionale automatic packaging available

 Download data sheet BW 8 + otpions
 Product video BW 8
BW8 ribbon winding machine

CSW 800, CSW 1000 Precision Winding Machine

Our winding machine type CSW is designed to wind huge size spools from paper cord, twisted yarns, mono and multi-filament yarns, cords etc.

 Download data sheet CSW 800/1000
 Product video CSW 800
CSW Precision Winding Machine

DO 1 or DO 2 Fully Automatic Hank Winding Machine

The electronic controled Hank Winding Machine DO 2 is processing cords/ropes automatically within a diameter from 2.0 to 14.0 mm. It is possible to produce hanks with a length 150 – 400 mm (inside length = distance of the winding hooks).

 Download data sheet DO 1/2
 Product video DO 1
DO-1 complete machine

FW 2 Bow winding machine

Fully automatic machine with 2 winding heads to produce bows.
The machine processes plastic or woven fabric ribbon 5 to 32mm wide. Bow size range is from 35mm to 130 mm in diameter.

Bows with a diameter of 35mm and with 15 loops will be processed within 5s. That means with 2 winding heads a production of approx. 1400 bows each hour.

FW 2 ES Bow winding machine with electronic travcerse motion and easy setup of winding parameters

 Download data sheet for FW 2 ES
 Download data sheet FW + options
 Product video FW 2, special bows
 Product video FW 2, standard bows
 Product video FW 2, standard bows - Video 2
FW 2 Bow winding machine

HK 6, HK 9, HK 12

Fully automatic ball winding machine to process twines, strings and cords to center-pull balls. 6, 9 or 12 winding heads are possible, depending on the ball size.

 Download data sheet HK 6,9,12 + options
 Product video HK 9
hard ball winding machine HK 9

KW 765

Automatic Balling machine KW 765 and KW 765 G is capable of winding all kinds of yarn on tubes as well as to wind tubeless balls.

- 10, 16 or 20 winding heads
- max. 2200 R/min
- thread breakage control
- 99 storage places for ball parameters

 Download data sheet KW765 + options
 Product video KW765
 Product video KW765 flax ball

KW 800

Automatic Balling Machine to wind hand-knit varn

- 16 or 20 positions
- Max. mandrel size 190 mm
- Automatic ball doffing (on option)
- Connection to automatic ball banding (on option)
- Connection to automatic ball packaging (on option)
- Operation with color touch panel
- Possibility to store approx. 200 balling programmes

 Download data sheet for KW 800

MHW Precision cross winding machine

-spool machine for cylindrical, conical and bi-conical spools
-crossing ratio adjustable, can be modified during winding process
-electronically adjustable winding width, adjustable per spooling position

 Download data sheet MHW
MHW Precision cross winding machine


Fully automatic electronically controlled winding machine with one winding head for ribbon upt to 70 mm width, or rope up to 4 mm diameter,
continuously laid on cards of any shape.

New servo technology guarantees short cycle times and high production.

 Download data sheet TBW + options
 Product video TBW 1

TRA 1 (V) Textile ribbon rolling machine

Fully automatic machine to roll textile or plastic ribbon on a tube. Width of the ribbon has to be in the range 5 - 80mm, the diameter of the spool may be 300mm maximum.

 Download data sheet TRA 1 + options
 Product video TRA 1
TRA 1 Textile ribbon rolling machine

TSA 1 / TSA 2

Fully-automatic machine with one or two winding positions for the winding and banding of textile and plastic ribbon without tubes.
Traversing of the material is possible also.

 Download data sheet for TSA 2
 Download data sheet TSA + options
 Product video TSA 1
 Product video TSA 2
TSA Ribbon winding machine