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Foundation of the company by Hans-Georg Joosten, Roland Buzengeiger, Kurt Farger. Operation out of a bus garage in Hohentengen-Ölkofen.

14.08.1975 Receipt of the approval of the building authorities to construct a manufacturing building in Hohentengen. Construction of the building 1976 and extension by 6 meter during the building phase.

Moving in the new building on July 1976.

Extension of the building by 12 meter, hall II.

1980 Construction of the loading hall III and the assembly building IV.

1983 Extension of the present structure by assembly building V and the offices for design and development.

1988 Construction of the administration building with research and development.

1994 Construction of the assembly hall VI.

2002 - 2003 Construction of the manufacturing plant VII, relocation of the parts department.

Machine development

Development and design of custom-made machines.
Development and construction of the automatic balling machines for hand knitting yarn KW 765 and KW 766. Sales contract with the sales company Kolbus in Rahden / Westfalen, Germany.
1. presentation of the machines KW 765 for tube balls and KW 766 for hand knitting soft balls during the international textile machinery exhibition ITMA in Milan, Italy.
Delivery of the first machine KW 765, machine number 28.
Development and delivery of the card winding machine K 765 K, machine number 30.
Research and beginning of the development of the balling machine BW 6 for polypropyle ribbon.
Continued design and manufacturing of special machines for all industries.
Delivery of the first machine BW 6 for plastic ribbon, machine number 67.
ITMA Hannover, large national and international success with the machines KW 765 and KW 765 G.
Development of the first card winding machine TBW 4 for textile and elastic ribbon on cards.
Development and manufacturing of the balling machine for heavy twine HK 12.
Delivery of the first card winding machine TBW 4, machine number 144.
Strong activities in the textile ribbon industry. Delivery of the first HK 12, machine number 149.
ITMA Milan, Italy, extension of the worldwide sales activities.
September 16th Delivery of the machine number 250.
Development of the automatic bow machine FW.
Delivery of the first automatic bow machine FW 1, machine number 323.
Product diversification into the environmental machinery manufacturing. New product line with universal shredders as second product range. Delivery of the first machine number 390.
Development of packaging machines in direct connection to JBF winding machines.
Delivery of machine number 500, type BW 8.
Sales contract with Kolbus canceled.
New drive technologies with stepper motors used for traverse motions.
ITMA Hannover, 1. international show without sales partner.
Delivery of machine number 750.
Strong extension of the product range for the ribbon industry.
Delivery of machine number 1000, type HK 12.
May 1st 1996 purchasing of Croon & Lucke Textilmaschinen GmbH, continuation of the company and the machine program under the name C+L Textilmaschinen GmbH with a preservation of over 20 jobs.
Development of the fully automatic hank winding machine DO 2 for ropes.
Starting conversion of existing machine types to PLC from Siemens.
Delivery of machine number 1500, type HK 12.
Development of the fully automatic precision winding machine BS 1 PW.
Delivery of the first 2 precision winding machines BS 1 PW.
Development and delivery of the machine BS 1 PW with fully automatic foil banding on the mandrel, machine number 1732.
Up to now we have over 85 different machine types for the textile industries, the ribbon industry, shredding and recycling industries in our product range.

All machines are exported worldwide and up to now we have delivered over 1300 machines to our customers.

Most spare parts are still available for the machines of the first years and many of the machines which are 20 years and older are still in operation.

We design and manufacture modern automatic machines with up-to-date technologies in control and drive configurations. Therefore we are ready for the future to meet our customers’ needs.